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The current semester is coming to an end which means Maastricht Lacrosse will be hosting open practices again! If you want to try out the fastest sport on two feet, join us on February 8, 13 or 15 at the Sportspark West!


Start of the season

It's already September again which means goodby to lots of free time and hello to papers, exams and everytime uni related.. However it also means you can grab ahold of your beloved lacrosse stick again! Our practices have started again since this week, a beautiful sunny week that is! Sadly we had to say goodby to some of our awesome teammembers last July. We wish you all the luck and success abroad and in your studies!!

However no time to mown, because we are getting ready to welcome new students and potential lacrosse talents! We hold OPEN PRACTICES on September 7th, 12th and 14th! These take place from 19:30 until 21:30 at sportpark West. Not sure how to get there? Grab your bike and join us at the Emmaplein at 19:10.

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Open practices

It is almost Februari and that means time for some fun open practices! Whether you have never played and want to feel what it's like to play this awesome sport or you have played your whole life and want to have a tast of our teamspirit.. Every UM student is welcome to join us for our open practices. During these practices we will get you familiair with some of the basics of the sport and get to know eachother. Practices as always take place at Sportpark West (Negenputruwe 1-5). Open practices take place on:

  • Wednesday - February 3th
  • Monday - February 15th
  • Wednesday - February 17th

We start at 19:30 but make sure to be there 10 minutes early so we can set up the goals and bring all the gear to the field. You won't have to worry about material, we will take care of sticks and so on. All you have to do is bring some sportsapparel and sportsshoes. Make sure to check out our facebook page and join the events to find extra info regarding the open practices and how to get there. 

See you on the field!! Stix up!


Game review - mens team

better late than ever, we want to share the gamer report from the match Maastricht/Aachen vs. Kaiserslautern with you...

Sometimes it is in your head and not in your legs – Tough loss against Kaiserslautern


Sunday the 1st of November , our players from Maastricht traveled with the Aachen team to the away game in Kaiserslautern. A sunny November day promised best conditions for a tough Lacrosse game. The opponent was not to underestimate and every player was prepared for a hard game and fourteen players in yellow jerseys started motivated after the face off. Within the first minutes it became clear, that our defense would need to work hard – 1:0 for the Kaiserslautern Lumberjacks after 1:32 minutes. The team from Aachen/Maastricht had trouble getting their head in the game in the first quarter and three consecutive goals from the Lumberjacks marked a 4:0 at the end of the fourth quarter. The team captains did their best to wake up their team, pointed out the strength of individual opponents (e.g. Lumberjack’s #9 with 1 goal and 2 assists in the first quarter, a pattern which would continue during the game) and tried to calm down hectic offensive movements which resulted in unnecessary balls which were thrown away. Having the mind cleared, the second quarter started.


Apparently the captain’s speeches had some effect, the first goal for Aachen/Maastricht after one nice rotation in offense. 4:1 for the Lumberjacks. Nearly every face-off could be won on the X, even though some wings plays still lead to possession for Kaiserslautern, leading to the 5:1 for the Lumberjacks. This did not lead to a demotivation, our team started to communicate and play some decent Lacrosse. 8 minutes later, the Aachen/Maastricht squad managed to get up to one goal – 5:4 including one goal of Lama Harry in his first game for our team. Some shoots hit the posts, there was quiet a potential for a higher score in the seconder quarter and the spirit of playing together seemed to be found again. However, it was only half time.


The team appeared awake and motivated to continue playing as in the second quarter, which was clearly won from our side. The Lumberjacks, in particular #9, had other plans – 3 consecutive unassisted goals followed by fourth assisted goal marked the end of the third quarter 9:4. The mindset of the second quarter magically vanished away and many unnecessary balls were thrown away or lost during transitions. In the fourth quarter, motivation and legs were both not completely present and the Lumberjacks ended the game with a 13:4 victory.


The leanings drawn from this game show that mindset and mental presents can make the difference. The team, most of the time during the game, was not focused enough to compete against the strong team from Kaiserslautern. Positively it can be said, that we had two first time goals (#20 and #77) from our team and the second quarter clearly showed that the potential to compete against the better teams in our league is there, it simply needs to be present for more than one quarter.


Congratulations to Kaiserslautern. Next Sunday, the Aachen/Maastricht squad will play in Aachen versus Cologne/Bonn. The first team of Aachen will play against Cologne before and there will be a BBQ and beverages afterwards. Join us for some nice Lacrosse!


game review Maastricht/Aachen vs. Trier/Saarbr├╝cken

On Sunday the mixed team of Trier/Saarbrücken were the guests in Maastricht for the third game of the season of the Second Western German Division. Unfortunately, they only arrived with seven players, resulting in an official victory for the home team.

Anyways, the game started with separated teams for one quarter to practice the lessons from past practices. For the remaining quarters, three players per quarter were lent to play the usual 10 vs. 10.

Focus of this game was obviously the tactic aspects and to learn as much as possible. All 20 players on the field put it all they had and an exciting game started to develop, even though only the home team scored goals at first. After a 1:0 by Pacher in the first quarter, Pacher added up to 2:0, followed by the 3:0 (Frede). With this score the teams went into halftime. In the third quarter, our defense continued to defend any plays by Trier/Saarbrücken and the offense could add up three more goals by Frede, Heller who scored his first goal in the league (Assist Frede) and Jochmans, who shot a ball across half the field in the goal, which was empty due to relatively poor positioning of the goalkeeper. Frede added up to 7:0, however the guest team was able to put one in the net after a fast break (7:1).  Heller used a man-up situation for the final score of 8:1.

Thanks to the guests from Trier/Saarbrücken who traveled the long way even without a complete team. Much success in the ongoing league and see you next year on your field.  We also would like to thank the ladies from Maastricht for the sideline support!

Next league game of Aachen2 (Aachen/Maastricht) will take place on the 11th of October in Maastricht versus Frankfurt2/Marburg2. The first team will play already on the 4th of October against the Ruhrpott squad. The game will take place in Aachen.