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Maastricht Lamas vs. Aachen A-Team

After a rough and shaky end to the season last year, the Lamas are coming back stronger and bigger then before. Having now a majority of new players practices recently have been structure on learning the basics. The rookies as well as the old members kept showing dedication and skill. Now a new challenge has risen before the MaasLax team. The first game of the newly constructed team will be coming up shorty in November. More information to follow.


You Reap What you Sow

After the long, snowy winter break, the Lamas came back to training with lots of good intentions and big plans for the start of the Spring season.

However, due to the loss of key players the team was decimated to a fraction of the Fall squad.  To name a few, Matthez Schwartz, Jason Monroe, Casey Gill, Matt Gallo, Paul Staal, Daniel Khachab, Adrain Hoffstädter, Clemens Blettgen, Mauro Jülich, Moritz Tengelmann, Dominik Hamacher, and Daniel Thomas all left the university and also left a deep hole in the Roster that could not be filled in the 3 weeks leading up to the start of the Spring season.

After consultations with the Nederlandse Lacrosse Bond (NLB) and the Lady Lamas, who were facing similar troubles, the Board of the Lamas decided to not participate in the NLB Divisie Ost anymore. The decision was not easy but it was agreed by everyone that not having a sufficient number of referees and players would frustrate not only the  players in Maastricht, but across the Dutch league.

Nevertheless, the remaining players showed resilience and good moral keeping up the intensity in the training sessions. Over the course of February and March, the Lamas have integrated new players and become a more international and integrated team.

The spirit in the new team is remarkable for a difficult time for the organization. The rebuilding of a competitive team is the Lamas’ first priority on the field. Off the field, it will be vital to create a more stable and balanced board structure that will have sound financial judgment throughout the year so that all participating members get the best experience from being a member of Maastricht Lacrosse.

It remains to be seen, where the team will stand come next September but if the emerging sun over Maastricht is any indication, the future of Maaslax looks bright.  


Lamas hold off Kannibalz

After a fierce battle with the Nijmegen Kannibalz, Maastricht Lacrosse took the first place in the Division with a 9-5 victory.
Scoring two early goals to get ahead proved vital for sucess as Lorenz Lehmhaus and Jason Monroe opened the scoring. From then on, it was Nijmegen who took the initiative relying on shots from the outside. Timo von Meyer in goal stood tall to keep the Lamas in the lead.
Again, the Veteran experience of Lorenz Lehmhaus and the American players helped score the crucial goals to take a two goal lead (5-3) into halftime.

The second half saw more of the same with the Kannibalz making a push for the Lamas goal. But the defensive trio of Clemens Blettgen, Hristo Todorov and Ivan Rainovksi shut down the Nijmegen offense.
Up front, Lorenz Lehmhaus (3), Casey Gill (3) and Jason Monroe (3) split the goals to secure the victory.

Maastricht Lacrosse are now 4-0 and rest comfortable in the first place of the second division. With another win on Sunday against former Division Champions Eindhoven a perfect start to the season would be complete.

Face Off is at 14.00 at Nijmegen Blackhawks.


Lamas rally to 9-3 victory

In a physical and high tempo game, Maastricht Lacrosse secured the second win of the season against the Nijmegen Blackhawks. In rainy conditions, Nijmegen took the early lead with two quick goals in the first ten minutes.

After taking a timeout to settle the team down, Maastricht started to play better defense and depended on the experienced American players in the Team. Casey Gill and Daniel Thomas from Muhlenberg were leading the team to two quick goals to tie it up at two goals each.

Nijmegen scored in the second quarter on a low shot through traffic to regain the lead. But this time, the Lamas answered with physical play. Jason Monroe from Muhlenberg lead the team in hits and provided the necessary quickness on the counter attacks.
Adrian Hoffstädter scored late in the second quarter to finish off three unanswered goals for the 5-3 halftime score.

The second half saw a Blackhawks team trying to get back into the game but Timo von Meyer in goal stood tall and made the saves to give the Lamas the support they needed. The experience by the American players helped Maastricht protect the lead in the fourth quarter. As the final whistle blew, Maastricht added 4 more goals to the scoresheets.

All in all, Maastricht showed some real promise for the rest of the season but the best teams in the Division are still to come. The next gameday will be on Sunday, November 25.


First Game, first Victory

After a nervous start and losing the first quarter 0-1 Maastricht Lacrosse cruised to a 12-1 victory in their first match of the season against Nijmegen 2.

The newly composed squad was battling their nerves in the opening quarter creating a lot of turnovers in midfield. Nijmegen capitalized on a bad change by the Lamas to take the lead early in the first quarter.
Thanks to the Veteran effort of some of the more experienced players on the team, play settled down and the offense began to gain momentum in the game.

After several nice feeds by American Exchange student Jason Monroe and his fellow teammate from Muhlenberg Daniel Thomas, Adrian Hoffstädter scored the first goal of the season from close range.
From then on, momentum was on Maastricht's side. Two quick goals extended the lead.

Jeremie Jochmans, Paul Ehret, Matt Gallo, Daniel Thomas, Jason Monroe, Moritz Tengelmann and Adrian Hoffstädter scored the rest of the goals against a resigning Nijmegen team. 

All in all, a great way to start the season. There is still a lot of work to do.

Autum has risen and the long road has begun.